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12 Januari African Cinema 


19 Januari

De Leesclub van Alles‎  / DLVAlive Fictie: Notendop - Ian McEwan

20 Januari Cultfilmavond

Dear lovers of trash,

We know, we know, times have been rough for you cult freaks. While the need to escape our (political) reality has never been more dire, we are flooded with generic Hollywood remakes and horrendously boring arthouse flicks, that give a new definition to the word pretentious. But every once in a while, a hero like Rik Rikker shows up, to help salvage this generation and guide it to more merciful shores. So against all odds he is opening up his little garage for all your B-movie needs. Be prepared for highly uncomfortable seats, cheap beer, low production values and an audience that just can’t seem to keep their mouth shut. Your cultural host Auke, a cheap Joe Bob Briggs knock off, will kindly guide you through our mystery movie and its many plot holes, sensitivities and murder counts. Feel free to bring the beverage of your choice, to wash down the bad decision of coming to this night.



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